Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Greek Words

As part of my daily devotional, I have been reading Sparkling Gems From the Greek by Rick Renner. This morning's devotional discussed grieving the Spirit of God. In his text, Mr. Renner examined the Greek word used for grief which is lupete and comes from the word lupe, which indicates a grief that might be caused in a marriage relationship in the case of infidelity. When God said in Ephesians 4:29-32 not to grieve the Spirit of God, He was making reference to our closeness to and how the Holy Spirit feels about us. That is so amazing to me. How would I have ever known that without the examination of original text?

There are so many important things to know in the Word of God, things you can know and learn by just reading. But there is also a level of depth that cannot be achieved without knowing some history and some of the language originally used when penning the Word of God. I wonder often why people don't get healed like they did in the New Testament or even the Old Testament. There is a depth of knowledge that must be achieved for some to receive what God has made provision for in the area of healing. There are many provisions for healing in the Old and New Testament. All are because of Jesus. But people won't know this without some study. For example, as New Testament Believers, Jesus is our Passover. Everything the Passover meal was to the Hebrews leaving Egypt, Jesus is to us. That includes healing. It would require some study for a person to learn and recognize that healing is included as a part of our redemption through Jesus. The fact that Jesus is our Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7) and what that means is visible through study. How much more can we develop our faith through diligent study of the original language and history and customs of the time?

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