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God Made Series with Clive and Ian written by Hannah C. Hall

Featuring beloved characters Clive & Ian from the bestselling video series Buck Denver Asks...What's in the Bible? comes a new series of fun, easy-to-read board books designed just for preschoolers. Written by bestselling children's book author, Hannah Hall, this series features charming illustrations and helps parents teach their children about God's Creation and His love for them.
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My review:

Our familiar first became familiar with the What's in the Bible series many years ago, because we were watching Veggie Tales, another one of Phil Vischer's shows for children.  We loved Veggie Tales, so when What's in the Bible came out, I was eager to see it!

We eventually began subscribing to JellyTelly, a channel composed of Christian programming for kids.  We love it!!  JellyTelly Press together with FaithWords Publishers is responsible for the publication of the new  book series featuring Clive & Ian, and Buck Denver's Coloring Book.

There are four books about Clive & Ian all with a theme from Genesis 1.  Titles include God Made the World, God Made Night & Day, God Made the Animals, and God Made Me.

There are two separate coloring books, one for the Old Testament stories, and one for the New Testament Stories.  Each of the pages in the coloring books corresponds with scenes from the What's in the Bible video series.

I like the board books because they are sturdy and colorful.  There are very few words on each page, enough to keep children engaged, but not too many as to overwhelm.  The sentences are simple, yet teach children truths from Genesis 1.  

I also like the coloring books because they go along with the What's in the Bible video series.  The paper is thick and smooth, which is nice. It is good quality and not flimsy.  The illustrations are nice in that they are not too detailed, but have enough to where older children that like to color would enjoy them also. I think you could use coloring pencils or crayons. The spaces might be too small for markers though, unless you used pencil sized markers.

I recommend this for mom's who want to teach their littles all the stories in the Bible.  I believe it is very important to solidify their hearts in these stories, because when they are small, they are so literal, and they just grab hold of lessons told in story form.  Adults are really like this too.  

If you are a homeschool mom, and are looking for a Bible study curriculum, the coloring books go along with the What's in the Bible video series (which is very educational), and can supplement what they are learning.

Churches, the books and coloring books would be a good addition to any children's classroom and lessons.

Many blessings to you as you continue to come to Him as a child and receive all He has for you!

To learn more about the books, please visit FaithWords/JellyTelly Press.

Sample Coloring Page Old Testament Stories

Sample Coloring Page New Testament Stories

To learn more about the author, visit her at her blog, Hannah Hall.

Disclosure: I received these books from the publisher, Faith Words, in exchange for my review.I was not required to give a favorable review. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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