Friday, July 2, 2021

Summer 2021 Reading List

I signed the kids and myself up for the summer reading program at one of our local libraries this year! Since I will be reading quite extensively,  I thought I would create this list to show you what I have plans for this summer! I have already finished 6 of the books, which leaves me with 6 more to go!  What are you reading this summer? Have you read any of the books on the list?

Daughter of Jerusalem by Joanne Otto

I stumbled across this book while searching for others on Amazon. I wasn't familiar with this author, but I ordered it anyway because of the subject matter, and because I read a sample first. I have already finished this book. It was a short read, and meant for probably middle school readers or young adults. Because it was a story about a girl who lives in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus, I enjoyed reading it.

Between the Wild Branches by Connilyn Cossette

This is part of a two book series called The Covenant House series, and is the story of two siblings, a brother and sister.  The first book was To Dwell Among Cedars If you click on the book title for To Dwell Among Cedars, you can read a review I did previously. I have finished Between the Wild Branches, and am currently working on a review for that as well.

Encountering Jesus in the Real World of the Gospels by Cyndi Parker

This book is a nonfiction book that takes us from Eden to the Resurrection. It covers the history of Israel and other people groups leading up to the time of Jesus, in an effort to give the reader/learner a clearer picture of what the time/space/place was like during the time of His earthly ministry. I first listened to this book on audio, and loved it so much I had to buy a paper copy. There is a lot of information about place and history, which is usually hard for me to follow unless it is in story form, but the author made it so relatable that it was easy to connect. It helped that the subject was Jesus.

When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke

I have started reading this book, but haven't finished yet. I love the tv show that was based on the book series, so I wanted to give the book a try. So far, I am enjoying it. It is a nice, peaceful read, which is a pleasant change from some of the more intense books I have read! Not that I didn't like the other books, but that this is a little different in nature and has a more calm tone. It's sort of like comparing a thunderstorm to a general rainstorm. You can enjoy both, just one is more intense than the other.

Fearless Daughters of the Bible by Lee Grady

I haven't started this one yet, but purchased it because it is about women in the Bible, a subject with which I am moderately familiar, but always wanting to learn more about. So many times women in the Old Testament are a picture of Jesus or the Church, so I am eager to learn as much about them as I can.

Daughter of Light: Charilene's Story by Melanie Dobson

This book is one of the Ordinary Women of the Bible series published by Guideposts. I believe this one is about one of Philip's daughters from the Book of Acts. I have read other books in this series, but have not started this one yet. I will publish an update when I am finished.

A Man with a Past by Mary Connealy

I am not familiar with this author or book, but I am looking forward to reading A Man with a Past. What I know so far  about the book is that it is the second in a series, and is a Western Christian Fiction type book. I have not begun reading it yet, so I will post an update when I am finished.

Jerusalem's Queen by Angela Hunt

I am very interested in reading this book. It is based on history that took place between the Old Testament and the New Testament, also known as the Intertestamental Period. The main character is Salome, who was the Queen of Jerusalem during part of this time period. I know very little about her, other than she was responsible for setting up the educational system for children, and her brother was a Pharisee or a Saducee. I will post an update after I have finished this book.

Michal by Jill Eileen Smith

This book is Biblical fiction and is based on King David's first wife, Michal. She was King Saul's daughter. I have read other books by Jill Eileen Smith. She has written many about women in the Bible, so I am looking forward to this one.

Missionary of Hope: Priscilla's Story by Ginger Garrett

This book is part of the Ordinary Women of the Bible series published by Guideposts, and is the story of a women whom we first meet in the Book of Acts, chapter 18. She is also mentioned in Romans and a couple of the other epistles from Paul. I love her story in the Bible, and I have read several books about her. This one was super intense. I enjoyed it so much, and was unable to read anything else for a few days after because I was still processing. I had not read a book by this author before either, so that was nice to read something by someone new.

Her Source of Strength: Raya's Story by Jill Eileen Smith

This is another book in the Ordinary Women of the Bible series. Raya's story is about Samson's mother. She is mentioned a couple of times in Judges, but only as Manoah's wife I believe. This novel went through the story of Samson, beginning to end,  from what it might have been like to view from his mother's perspective. Samson kind of bothered me a lot because of the choices he made, but since reading the story, I have re-read parts of the Biblical account, and I am beginning to see Jesus more clearly in there.

Jewel of the Nile by Tessa Afshar

This novel is also fiction set during the Biblical era of the Book of Acts. The main character is Charilene, and she is from Cush, also known as Ethiopia. In this book, we get to see some other well known Biblical people from the Book of Acts, as well as a character that has been in two of her other books, Theo. I loved this story. It is in my top 5 books of the year so far. I have read all of Tessa's books, and this one is close to being my favorite. 

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