Saturday, August 15, 2020

A Week in the Life of a Greco-Roman Woman by Holly Beers

I recently read the book, A Week in the Life of Greco-Roman Woman by Holly Beers,  It is about the life of a woman in Ephesus when the church was just starting there.

Women's lives were so hard!! They were considered property and treated anyway their spouses wished.

The parts of the book I loved was when the woman started learning about Jesus. That was really cool. The author also included several incidents of healing, which was amazing!

I think we forget about what it is like for people who don't know anything nor have ever heard about Jesus, and then all of a sudden start learning. It was very refreshing to see what that would be like through the eyes of that woman.

I think it would be refreshing to all of us to go back to the early days and remember the love of God we felt and how clean and pure everything seemed when we first came to the Lord.

There were also a few Bible figures in the book including Paul, Priscilla, and Aquila. It was interesting to see how the author interpreted their personalities.

Another interesting aspect of the book is that pictures and factual information from that time period in Ephesus were included as part of the book. That was a little awkward reading it at first, because it is Biblical fiction, a story that is fiction, but based on events in the Bible. But it helped to understand the time period more, and the book of Ephesians more as well.

I think when you understand what was going on, it helps you to read the Bible with fresh eyes. This is only one of the books in "A Week in the Life of" series, and I can't wait to read more!

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