Saturday, October 12, 2019

26 Reasons Why I Write (And Counting!)

Writing is a useful practice. There have been many studies and reports on the benefits, health and otherwise, for writing. If you research “benefits of writing” you will come up with many articles online.

I decided I would make up my own list of why I write, and how it benefits me.

Here are the reasons I write.

1. I write to share my voice.

2. I write to be creative.

3. Writing is free therapy.

4. It connects my heart to my head.

5. Faith without works is dead.

6. I write because it increases my faith.

7. I enjoy the craft.

8. I feel more sensitive to the Holy Spirit when I write.

9. It helps me drown out the other voices of chaos and condemnation.

10. It connects me to the Scripture.

11. I write to connect and collaborate with a community of people who like to write.

12. I write to tap into my gift.

13. I write to teach.

14. To heal.

15. To learn.

16. To share Jesus with the world.

17. It helps me organize my thoughts.

18. It gives me confidence.

19. It just makes me feel good.

20. I write because it makes me feel like me.

21. I write to share my thoughts.

22. I write to sew seeds.

23. I feel like the deaconess Phoebe in the Bible when I write.

24. I feel like Priscilla the teacher in the Bible when I write.

25. I write for the one lost sheep.

26. I write because of Isaiah 55.

*27. It makes me happy.

Why do you write? Do you enjoy writing? Have you ever tried? Maybe one of the things on my list sparked a flame in you. If you don’t write, maybe you should give it a try today.

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