Friday, April 5, 2013

Sent by Hilary Alan

"God is working in your life even when you don't realize it."-Hilary Alan, Chapter 2, Sent

It is a guiding thought in my everyday life that God has a purpose and a plan for each one of us. This is one of the themes in the book Sent. God is constantly at work to propel us into that plan, if we will let Him. Sent is the story of the Alan family and how God propelled them into part of His plan for their lives.

In December of 2004, a devastating tsunami hit Southeast Asia. The magnitude of the devastation cannot be understand I am sure unless you have personally experienced it. In response to that event, many people were sent or went to help those affected. The Alan family was a family that God commissioned to go. The book shares the story of the process they went through from God leading them to go and their journey there and back.

While reading this book, many strong words come to mind. Commitment. Faith. Love. Obedience. These are all words to describe this family. This was their response to God and to the people of Southeast Asia.

Recently I have been reading about minimalism. Minimalism is a philosophy about living with less. More is not always better. I thought about this while I was reading this book. You will find out when you read the book all of the stuff they had to strip themselves of to be obedient to what God was asking them to do. The only thing you can take with you to Heaven is people. In the book, Hilary Alan shares the experiences of her family and the people that came into their lives that they got to deliver God's Word to because of their obedience to Him.

While reading this book, there was something that bothered me however. I don't know everything. The older I get and the more I walk with Him, I realize I don't know as much as I thought I did. There were times in the book when the author prayed for people and because it wasn't answered instantly or in the way she prayed, she thought it wasn't God's will or He answered her prayer in another way. I get that about answering in another way, but I just felt like it wasn't a consistent belief with scripture because of the way she believed about some things. God wants us to pray according to His Word. He is faithful to that. If the answer is delayed, it doesn't mean that God doesn't want to or won't answer. He will answer according to His Word. Maybe we need to change our belief about a certain area, to believe that we can have what God's Word says we can have. He is faithful.

This book was very inspiring. It was one that I had a hard time putting down. I have a heart for missions, so this stirred my soul greatly. It was very refreshing to witness a family whose major focus was fulfilling the plans and purposes of God, no matter what He asked them to do.

Many blessings to you as you read. My prayer for you today is that you hear His voice when He leads and obey as He guides you into what He created you for! The rewards will be eternal.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” -Romans 10:15


Disclosure Statement: I received this book free of charge as part of a free books for bloggers program from Waterbrook Multnomah. I was not required to give a favorable review. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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