Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday-Stretch the Mom Stretch

Five Minute Friday

Occasionally I will participate in 5 minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker and some of the other girls, but I haven't for a while.  Well, I was aching to write something, so I linked back up with the 5 minute Friday gang.  It is just 5 minutes of free-writing, which is a good exercise for any writer. 

So, here you go...Begin 5 minutes.

Sometimes there are things I just don’t want to do. For example, I don’t always want to get out of bed at the crack of dawn. I don’t always want to pick up the toys when I am tired. I don’t always want to cook dinner. Sometimes I don’t do these things just because I don’t want to, but if I do choose to do them and don’t really want to, that is causing me to stretch.

I want to stretch as a mom. I need to stretch as a mom. Before I had kids, it was just me, myself, and I. But when they got here, it was me, and then one, and then more….I am still there, and having to deal with my selfish self. Even though I love them so much, I still have to deal with my selfish flesh.

So, I work on stretching. It is really kind of like stretching a muscle. There is just not a name for this particular one. If I keep stretching, then that part of me will become more limber and in shape. I like to think of it in this way. It can also go back if I don’t keep stretching and become tight and inflexible again.

So stretch moms. Stretch.

End 5 minutes.


  1. Ah yes, stretching with you even on the days when it just doesn't feel very good...

  2. What an excellent point! If we don't keep stretching and exercising our mom muscle, we fall back to our old selfishness.

  3. I have never experienced anything like the stretching associated with parenting, but the benefits outweigh the pain every time.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my Five minutes this week:)

  4. Good post, Beth! The mom stretch can be so hard, but it is completely worth it! :)