Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gluten-Free Diet

It has been extremely difficult just starting to write this blog, even though it is something I wanted to do very much. I wonder if others have had this experience. So, I am on the computer this morning researching gluten-free foods and I thought, "I will just blog about this while it is fresh on my mind and in front of me." We are starting a gluten-free diet in our house because my son has experienced an extreme speech delay. I have read some about it and don't really understand it completely yet, but people suffering with a variety of issues have benefited from it, one group of which is children with autism. My child was diagnosed earlier this year with pdd nos, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. It is a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. If you are wondering why I didn't capitalize this diagnosis it is because I don't even respect it enough to give it capital letters. You see, we are Christians, and it is impossible for me to accept this diagnosis. God is a healing God and Jesus took stripes on His back for this sort of thing. So I won't accept it, respect it, etc. I will fight it in whatever way is necessary. God has a plan for my son's life and I am part of that plan. My purpose as his mom is to facilitate a portion of that plan, so I continually try to find things in this natural world that will help him while we continue to believe God's Word as truth. Therefore, I am creating a list of gluten-free foods which we will all implement into our diet. I will keep you posted as this venture progresses. 1 Peter 2:24


  1. Hey let me know how it goes, is it hard, is it working?

  2. hey Beth,
    You don't know this but my daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2003 and seizures were really ravishing her body. It deprived her of social time, friends, and everything imaginable. We took her out of public school and began to homeschool her and WOW how she thrived. I too am a Christian and believe in the power of God. You do earnestly have to give it over to the Lord and he will take care of it. We have homeschooled for going on our 4th year now and highly recommend it whether sickness is involved or just because you love your children. Nobody takes better care of them than you will as their mother. Besides God is just entrusting them to you for a while. I know this has nothing to do with your gluten free issue but I am proud of the fact that in healing as we have not had a seizure in going on 3 years now. God is mighty and your can prevail with his help. We have a few friends that are Gluten free and I was wanting to link them up with you so you can both exchange knowledge. I really feel that they can help you and vice versa. In closing, I trust that you will take care of your children as God has intended. As with any diagnosis it will be hard at first BUT WE CAN PERSEVERE.

    Angela Handy Brown